As an Ecoart Therapist (currently training), I am able to blend nature, art and sound into a dynamic and unique healing modality.


Whilst emmersed in nature we can learn/remember deep wisdoms from our being.  The non-verbal communication from soul to mother earth and back again.  It is just beyond all words to explain....you need to feel it for yourself.


I offer workshops and retreats blending all areas of my work, have a look at the dates page or take a look at my Facebook page for more information.

"Thank you Esther and Trudi. A beautiful space held sacred and safe by the two of you.  I came for self care and I left with so much self love. It was one of the most powerful processes I've ever experienced!"  - Rachel

Collaboration  - Realms of Sound and Art


I also work with Dr Trudi Flynn, a Transpersonal Art Therapist, Healer and Doctor of Psychology.

Together we create a safe, supportive and transformative space to reconnect to your source - your true being.

Using sound, colour, movement, shape and texture, we guide you gently through various activites around the theme and intention of the workshop.

As with the Expressive Sound workshops, this innovative combination of modalities deeply connects you to yourself and allows you to explore your emotions safely but fully.